"When they can’t say their ‘goodbyes’ in person, our unique online video system allows friends and relatives to be there in
every other way."

Illness, incapacity, time and sheer distance prevent many people attending the funerals of those they have lost. The Life’s
Big Moments system was originally conceived to help those unable to attend funerals to view the service online, and so has
been designed with the mourners needs in mind.

Our video system is discreetly placed at venues to capture every precious moment, while footage is processed and streamed
via our secure web site allowing large number of viewers to watch, easily, online.

We use professional video cameras, with high resolution, and remarkably clear pictures and sound, with none of the issues
affecting normal webcams. Services can be recorded to a DVD to be watched again.

For information on your nearest Life’s Big Moments venue, please ring: 0203 009 0700

If you would like a Life’s Big Moments system in your venue, please ring or email for details.